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How Often Should You Utilize Commercial Cleaning Services?

It’s no secret that hiring a commercial cleaning service to clean your building is one of the most effective ways to ensure a safe and healthy environment for your employees, customers, and other visitors. However, many property owners don’t know how often commercial cleaning services are actually needed. That’s why UMG Cleaning is here to share the answer!

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Daily Cleaning

Certain cleaning activities require daily attention. High-traffic zones such as washrooms, kitchen areas, and reception areas are subject to everyday use, which also means a daily influx of germs, dirt, and allergens. By hiring a commercial cleaning company like UMG Cleaning to attend to these areas daily, you can ensure your most popular spaces are clean and pleasant to use.

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Weekly Cleaning

Other areas, such as conference rooms and common areas, may require only a weekly cleaning. During these visits, our commercial cleaning services can help to clean the carpets, floors, furniture, and general surfaces. This will ensure the workplace environment stays clean and tidy, which can even boost employees’ productivity and morale.

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Monthly Cleaning

Deep cleaning of surfaces such as windows, walls, and hard-to-reach areas should occur at least one per month. Cleaning these areas will typically require professional equipment, tools, and expertise in order to achieve an adequate level of cleanliness. That’s where UMG Cleaning comes in, with nearly two decades of nationwide commercial cleaning experience.

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Yearly Cleaning

Special areas of your commercial property, including the ventilation and air conditioning systems, generally only need to be cleaned annually. Despite the relatively low frequency, cleaning of this nature is still extremely important for ensuring high air quality, providing a professional-looking atmosphere, and more.

At UMG Cleaning, we offer a full range of commercial cleaning services to businesses and other organizations across the country. From industrial warehouse cleaning to janitorial services, we make sure your commercial property is spick and span from top to bottom. Contact us today to create an affordable, custom cleaning plan!

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