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At UMG Cleaning, helping our clients maintain safe, hygienic, and clean environments is what we do best. We understand our high-end retail clients experience a high volume of customers and foot traffic inside their buildings daily, so we’re pleased to offer nationwide commercial cleaning services that can help them make an impressive first impression and keep customers healthy. Our team of professional cleaners boasts years of experience in the industry, so when you hire our services, you can trust that you’re getting the highest quality cleaning available. Partner with UMG Cleaning today, and discover what our commercial cleaning company can do for your high-end retail establishment.

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What Our Professional Cleaners Can Do for You

You may think it’s easier or more affordable to delegate cleaning tasks to your retail employees. However, working with the nationwide team of professional cleaners at UMG Cleaning is a better choice. Not only do we have the necessary cleaning supplies and equipment to handle any sized space, but we also have the manpower to get the job done quickly and effectively. In addition, our cleaning company has plenty to offer our high-end retail clients, including:

  • We are experienced in commercial cleaning, ensuring the best results possible.

  • Your satisfaction is our top priority.

  • We offer a variety of cleaning services tailored to your unique establishment.

  • Our team works efficiently and never misses a spot.

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Why You Need Commercial Cleaning Services

You could handle your store’s cleaning needs yourself, but it’s better to hire commercial cleaning services. Professional cleaners provide a high-quality level of cleaning that the average person simply can’t match, ensuring all buildup of grime, bacteria, and dust is effectively eliminated. With a cleaner space, you, your employees, and your customers can enjoy a safer and healthier environment. Plus, by hiring these services, you give your employees and yourself more time to focus on running your high-end retail establishment and assisting customers. This leads to increased productivity and an improved customer service experience.

Our High-End Retail Cleaning Services

As the nation’s leading commercial cleaning company, UMG Cleaning offers all the services you need to maintain your retail business. When you schedule an estimate with us, we can provide you with a cleaning schedule tailored to your unique needs. Some of our most popular high-end retail cleaning services include:


General Janitorial Services


Commercial Carpet Cleaning


Floor Stripping and Waxing


Electrostatic Cleaning and Disinfectant


An experienced team of cleaning professionals

If your establishment needs to refresh its look, we also offer commercial painting services that can help transform your space.

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Why a Clean Space Matters to Your Customers

As a high-end retail store, you know your customers mean everything. By maintaining your space and hiring commercial cleaning services, you can provide them with a superior shopping experience. Your establishment represents your brand, so it must give a positive first impression to everyone who walks through the doors. If your store is dirty or cluttered, customers won’t be interested in spending money there. In fact, they’ll probably make an active decision to avoid it! But if your store is clean, sanitary, and organized, customers will appreciate it and be more willing to shop.

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A clean retail establishment is a must, but you shouldn’t rely on yourself or your staff to handle the job. Instead, partner with UMG Cleaning. Our high-end retail cleaning services will ensure your store looks its best, ensuring a positive and safe environment for all. Contact our national team of professional cleaners today, and let us help you maintain your space.

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