Think of all the foot traffic in your business on a daily basis. Even smaller offices can see substantial amounts of visitors on a daily basis, and with every person comes more dirt and debris. While this is often clearly visible on many hardwood surfaces, carpet can do a good job of hiding what’s really on the ground. Add in the occasional coffee spills and food crumbs and it’s easy to see how dirty office carpets can be.

Office carpet cleaning from UMG Cleaning is the solution. While vacuuming is certainly a step of that process, we use professional carpet cleaners and techniques that get deep into the carpets. 

  • Spot and Stain Removal — Depending on the types of carpets in your office, spots and stains will show more frequently. Using a specially crafted carpet cleaning solution, we pre-treat these problem areas to increase chance of removal, then treat them again after the full cleaning to remove stains and extend carpet longevity.
  • Carpet Shampooing — DIYers often make mistakes during this step of the carpet cleaning process by using too little or too much shampoo, or by not adequately rinsing or drying the carpet. Here at UMG Cleaning, our professional carpet cleaners have years of experience working with multiple carpet types to help ensure the best clean possible.
  • Carpet Grooming and Drying — To finish the process, we speed-dry and groom the cleaned carpet to add elegant finishing touches that return your carpet to its original beauty. 

Office Carpet Cleaning

Not only do we provide effective office carpet cleaning, we do so with the utmost care for your place of business. We are proud to work professionally and efficiently to make sure your office receives the care it deserves. When you’re ready to utilize the best commercial carpet cleaning services, reach out to UMG Cleaning for a free quote!