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Why High-Touch Surfaces in Banks Need Special Cleaning Attention

High-touch surfaces in banks are those areas that are frequently touched by customers, employees, and visitors. These surfaces typically include ATMs, countertops, door handles, and other areas that can easily spread germs and viruses. It's essential that these areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly to reduce the risk of spreading germs and viruses, especially during cold and flu season. In this blog post from our UMG Cleaning team in New York, we'll discuss why high-touch surfaces in banks need special cleaning attention and what banks can do to ensure they are cleaned to industry standards.

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The Importance of Cleaning High-Touch Surfaces in Banks

Cleaning high-touch surfaces in banks is crucial because these areas can harbor unseen germs that can easily spread to others. For example, if a customer touches an ATM and then a door handle, they can unintentionally transfer different viruses from one surface to another. Similarly, if an employee touches a countertop and then handles money, they can transfer germs from their hands to the currency, which can then be passed on to customers.

In addition to reducing the risk of spreading illnesses, commercial cleaning services focusing on high-touch surfaces in banks can also help to maintain a professional and inviting atmosphere. Customers expect banks and other financial institutions to be clean and well-maintained. A dirty or unsanitary bank can damage the reputation of the business and reduce customer confidence. A clean and well-maintained bank partnering with UMG Cleaning can also promote a healthy work environment for employees and other staff members.


What Banks Can Do to Clean High-Touch Surfaces

Banks in New York and across the country can take several steps to ensure their high-touch surfaces are cleaned to industry standards. One of the most important steps is to choose the right commercial cleaning service. Banks should choose a cleaning service that has experience cleaning high-touch surfaces in banks, such as UMG Cleaning, and that uses the right products and equipment to effectively clean and disinfect these areas.

Banks, credit unions, and similar money-handling institutions should also develop a cleaning schedule that ensures high-touch surfaces are cleaned regularly. For example, high-touch surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected at least once a day, and more frequently if necessary. Managers should also make sure that employees are trained on how to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces during the day, in between our UMG Cleaning service times.

Another important step is to use the right cleaning products and equipment. Banks should use daily disinfectant cleaners that are effective against germs and viruses, and they should make sure that employees are using the right cleaning cloths and sponges to clean high-touch surfaces. Luckily, UMG Cleaning can also help protect the health and safety of bank staff and customers with our Green Seal-certified products, which we will use while inside your institution.

In the meantime, however, banks should also do their part to educate customers and employees on the importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment. These financial businesses can provide customers with hand sanitizer and encourage them to use it when entering and exiting the bank.


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High-touch surfaces in banks play a crucial role in the spread of serious illnesses, and it's essential that these areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly. By choosing the right commercial cleaning service and doing their own part during business hours, banks can ensure they provide a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Contact UMG Cleaning today to learn more about how our bank cleaning services can help you manage your teller stations, counters, offices, floors, and restrooms, among other spaces.

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