What Your Workspace Says About You And Your Business

Did you know that a clean and organized office can affect mood and productivity at work? Take a step back and evaluate your workspace — how does it make you feel? Are you happy and motivated when you get to work each morning? Is your desk arranged in a way that is comfortable and conducive to your work needs? Or do you dread sitting at your desk because it is reminiscent of Dennis Nedry’s in Jurassic Park?

A janitor and professional cleaning crew can clean and sanitize everything in your office from floor to ceiling and wall to wall, but there are small and incredibly minor steps you can take, daily, to maintain a tidy desk space. At UMG Cleaning, we pride ourselves on providing the best and highest quality eco-friendly cleaning services across the nation. We specialize in a wide range of commercial cleaning services including school cleaning, warehouse cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and much more!

We understand that when you are working hard and caught up in the week, it is not always easy to maintain a space that is clean and clutter-free. Keep reading to find out what your office says about you and your business and to learn the ultra-quick tidying tricks you can perform daily in less than 90 seconds. Contact us today if you are interested in any of our commercial cleaning options!

Mess Is Stress

Let’s backtrack and pose our earlier question again — after peeking at your workspace, how does it make you feel? Do you feel overwhelmed and crowded sitting at your desk, or are you confident and motivated each day? If it pains you to think about your unkempt workspace and you find yourself having nightmares about the Everest of unfiled paperwork awaiting you, you are subjecting yourself to easily avoidable stress daily.

We suggest that you begin by tossing old documents and post-its or categorize and prioritize important paperwork; in a nutshell, get your work life in order! By taking 90 seconds at the end of the day to organize papers, throw out old candy bar wrappers and wash your coffee mugs, you will immediately feel a weight off your shoulders. Working at your desk will no longer be a burden, and your nightmares will be void of a possible paperwork avalanche. Your daily schedule will be much more manageable, and you will be able to work more quickly and efficiently than you had before your 90-second tidy-up. You love your job, so why not create a space that reflects that sentiment!? You deserve to be happy at work!

Organized Desk, Organized Mind

When you are surrounded by stacks of paper, empty water bottles, and other assorted knick-knacks at work, you are setting yourself up for failure. The more clutter on your desk, the more opportunities you have to be distracted. Instead of focusing on your current task, you may find your eyes wandering, fixating on a water bottle and wondering, “What exactly does ‘electrolyte enhanced’ mean when it comes to this water? Do I need electrolytes? Is this just a way to get me to spend more money on plain ol’ water?” Avoid the temptation! Set yourself up for success by limiting the clutter on your desk.

If you are someone who finds themselves sifting through stacks of paper to find the appropriate document, you are not only getting distracted, but you are also wasting valuable time that you could spend doing something more important and productive. Labeled folders are a great way to organize important documents and notes. The next time you need to find a specific piece of paper, it will take you 10 seconds instead of 10 minutes! A little stacking, filing, and organizing at the end of the day will do wonders for you throughout the week!

Germ-Free, The Way To Be

No one wants to get sick or be sick at work. If you have not wiped down or sanitized your desk in a while, now is the time. With flu season upon us, keeping a jar of sanitizing wipes in your desk drawer will give you access to everything you need to clean your area in under 90 seconds. If you suffer from allergies or have other sensitivities to dust and pollens, wiping down your desk twice a week will clear up the air in your workspace and will help cut down on your daily sniffle count. Using sanitizing wipes to buff away dust and debris will also help kill any pesky germs that have taken up residence on your desk or between the keys on your keyboard.

180 seconds out of your work week is well worth the investment when you make it through flu season without a single sore throat, headache, or runny nose. Of course, the professionals at UMG Cleaning will clean and sanitize the rest of the office, meaning the joint effort could easily result in an office full of happy and healthy employees who sail through flu season with ease!


Look Good, Feel Good

When it comes to inspiring confidence at work, treat your desk space the same as you would treat your appearance when you get ready for work each morning. A tidy and well-organized workspace will show co-workers, bosses, and future customers that you are dedicated, professional, and hardworking. Wash your hair, throw on a freshly pressed tie and shiny shoes, and voila, you fit the part! A dirty and disheveled desk, on the other hand, will give the impression that you are sloppy, unmotivated, and don’t care enough to put any sort of effort into getting organized. You might as well show up to work with ratty hair, flip-flops, and a neon visor. You are not that person, so take the time to display who you are at your core outwardly. You are an incredibly hardworking and motivated professional who deserves to work in an environment that reflects that attitude. Not only will you sit a little taller at work, but the people around you will take you seriously after noticing your efforts.

Maximize Productivity

If you have fallen victim to the “stash and go” mentality when it comes to filing papers at work, it is likely you are wasting time every day simply trying to find things you previously misplaced. How much more work would you be able to get done every day if you knew exactly where you had stored every document on your desk? Look at it from this perspective — if you saved yourself two minutes each day by getting organized, you would save yourself 10 minutes each week. And ten minutes per week would be roughly 200 minutes per month. Imagine using an extra three hours each month to spend on your work rather than wasting it looking through unorganized stacks of paper.

Excelling at work means working quickly and efficiently. If you are someone who is constantly under deadline or who works a commission-based job, three extra hours of work time could make an enormous difference! Also, consider the headaches and heartaches you are saving yourself from, as is nothing more frustrating than wasting precious time searching through piles of papers, only to discover you either cannot find the document you’re looking for or may have accidentally thrown it away at some point.

Green Clean Team

As your Top Rated Local® green commercial cleaning service, we strive to make your space look great and hope that you feel great while you are in it. Like our clients, we make a conscious effort to limit our carbon footprint. This is why all the cleaning products we use are safe and environmentally friendly! Your business is your livelihood and your hardworking employees make it run smoothly, which means you all deserve to work in an environment that is clean, organized, and sanitary. We offer our commercial cleaning services across the nation, so if you are interested in learning more about our work or are ready to schedule an estimate, get in touch with us today!