Time for Some Spring Cleaning!

As the sun finally wraps New York in its long awaited warm embrace, the snow begins to melt, and the flowers bloom. Scarves and coats are hung up in closets, and Central Park attracts tourists and locals alike, smiles lighting up their faces as they enjoy the heat that’s been missing during the frigid winter months. Spring is here, giving New Yorkers a reason to celebrate. It’s time to actually enjoy walks to and from work instead of wearing multiple layers and still shivering. It’s also time to start getting all of that house cleaning done that you’ve been procrastinating during the cold.

While the origination of the term “spring cleaning” can’t be pinpointed to an exact time, people have been using the changing of the season as an opportune time to clean up their places for years. Before advances in heating, people would use their fireplaces as their central source of warmth. Especially during the winter, with the windows remaining closed, this would create an accumulation of ash that would require cleaning once spring came around. Even though this is no longer a problem for the majority of us, we still seem to find some motivation to clean during this time of the year.

At UMG Cleaning, we provide residential cleaning in Manhattan and the surrounding areas to ensure that your home is not only neat, but immaculate. You can count on us to do the “dirty” work if your schedule is too hectic, or if you just can’t seem to find the motivation to clean. But if you do happen to conjure up a little inspiration, we’re here to give you a few ideas on what could be done around the house to start the spring with a clean, clutter-free home.



It’s a common misconception that because the main function of the dishwasher is to clean, it doesn’t require cleaning of its own. Not only will an unclean dishwasher not give your dishes that sparkly clean you desire, but remnants of old food and stagnant dirty water will give your home an odor that will have your guests ambling about with their hands covering their nose. The good news is, the dishwasher is extremely easy to clean. Simply remove all bits of food, and run an empty cycle using dishwasher cleaning soap found at your local store.

To clean green (we always do), you’ll just need some white vinegar and baking soda. Pour about a cup of the vinegar to the bottom of your washer, and run a clean cycle. Then evenly distribute a cup of baking soda to the bottom of the dishwasher and leave overnight. In the morning, scrub down visibly dirty spots and run one more cycle to achieve a spotless dishwasher.

Baseboards and Ceiling Fans

Throughout the winter, certain areas are neglected and collect a surprising amount of dust. The two main culprits tend to be baseboards and ceiling fans. Once again, the remedy is simple. Go throughout your house with a sponge or cloth and a bucket of vinegar and warm water and swipe. You’ll be amazed at how dirty they have become over the winter.

With your fans not likely seeing any use during the cold, you’re going to want to clean the blades before flipping the switch, or you’re going to make it rain dust bunnies inside your home. Use a pillowcase to cover the blade, and wipe the dust off, making sure it collects inside the case. Once completed on each blade, you’re good to turn it on and enjoy the cool air.


The beginning of spring is also an ideal time to go through your closet and throw out or donate all of the clothes and shoes that you will likely never wear again. Stop sifting through old outfits to find the clothes you want to wear. Organizing your closet will look good, save you time in the morning, as well as motivate you to go through the rest of your home.

UMG Cleaning

In 2007, we were tired of seeing careless housekeeping services in New York, and so established UMG Cleaning to provide professional, thorough cleaning services that keep the health of our environment in mind by using non-toxic, green cleaning products. If you need some help with your spring cleaning, or any kind of residential cleaning services, be sure to contact us today!