How Our Cleaning Company Will Help Sell Your House

Selling your home can be a trying time. From making sure that you have all of your things in order, looking for or moving into your new location, and trying to keep your head above water at work, it can be frustrating, to say the least. At UMG, we’re here to help. By utilizing our residential cleaning services in Manhattan, not only will your house gain more appeal, but you’ll have the time to deal with everything else going on in your life. Here are a few reasons you should hire us before the first open house.

First Impressions Matter

In New York, potential homebuyers want to be wowed from the moment they see a prospective home. You’re not likely to get much interest if your house or apartment resembles a college dorm room. Not only will our cleaning services leave your place looking brand new to peak interest, but you’ll actually be able to increase the volume of people interested by getting rid of clutters, messes, and stains. Although we would recommend using our house cleaners in the weeks leading up to putting the place on the market, our experts will make the location spic and span even if we only have a day to do it.

Give Yourself Time

You might be thinking about doing the cleaning yourself, but why go through the hassle? Not only will our green cleaners provide you with the best residential cleaning in New York, but hiring our services will also free up your already chaotic schedule. Whether you take the time to catch up on work, or just to take a breather, we promise that you won’t regret hiring UMG. This is our profession, and we will make sure that every nook and cranny is spotless. Even your real estate agent will be ecstatic about your decision to use our services.


Use Our Move In/Move Out Services

One of the residential and commercial cleaning services we offer is specifically for this chaotic time in your life. Whether you’re looking to clean the home that you’re moving out of to impress possible homebuyers, or you’re renting and you’d really like that deposit back, you can trust in us.

We can also deep clean your new home so that you start off fresh. Our professional and communicative staff will go through every inch and make sure that you feel at home as soon as you step through the door.

UMG Cleaners

UMG was founded as a green cleaning company in New York dedicated to our clients and our environment. By using only eco-friendly green cleaning products, and committing to being the best cleaning company in New York, we’ve become the most trusted green cleaners in the area. Your satisfaction is our main focus, and you’ll immediately see the difference between us and our sloppy housekeeping competitors. Along with our move in/move out services, we also provide routine residential and commercial cleaning and even post-construction cleanup. Be sure to contact us today, you’ll be happy that you did! We look forward to hearing from you.