Finding Motivation to Clean

It begins with one simple item. Maybe it’s a cup left on the coffee table or a shirt tossed into the corner of your room before bed. I’ll pick it up later, you think to yourself, but little do you know that you’ve just initiated the devastating snowball effect of messiness. The next day you come home from a hard day at work, and all you want to do is sit on the couch and lounge. Before you know it the cup is now accompanied by a plate and a crumpled-up paper towel, and the dirty shirt is now a full dirty outfit. Tomorrow is the day, you foolishly attempt to affirm yourself, blinded to the beginnings of a disaster. Time goes by and before you know it, you’ve reached the point of no return. Your dog has been lost for days in the heaps of garbage and you don’t even know where the front door is anymore. You’ve resorted to the life of a hermit, praying that someday soon a rescue team will find their way to you and free you from this prison of clutter.

Okay… this might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it does hold a simple truth, keeping your property clean and clutter-free takes some effort and you don’t want to push it off for too long before addressing the issue. This truth remains the same for commercial properties, as these situations can easily occur from various employees. At UMG, we’ve got you covered with our professional, non-toxic, eco-friendly, commercial cleaning services, We understand that finding the motivation to clean can be difficult, so we’re offering a couple of pieces of advice to influence you to spruce up your place, whether it is your home or business.

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Start Small

To prevent the snowball from beginning its roll, it’s crucial to start small and not let things clutter up. Bring that dirty glass to the dishwasher, throw away those office papers you no longer need, and tidy. These simple and quick tasks will prevent a build-up of a mess that will be harder to find the motivation to clean later on. So start with the simple things, it will go a long way in maintaining the cleanliness of your space.

Ask a Friend For Help

If you have a friend that would have no problem coming over to give you a hand cleaning up your place, first things first, cherish that friend because they are one in a million, then invite them over for help. This may likely take a little persuading, offer them a meal or some refreshments as a reward for their help. Having an extra pair of hands can be extremely beneficial when cleaning up clutter, as well as it will make the time seem more casual instead of just being a necessary chore. In case you’ve been holding on to something unnecessary for far too long, they might also be honest enough to prevent you from spiraling into life as a hoarder.

Dedicate a Day of the Week

It’s important to make cleaning a routine activity in your schedule. Let’s say you have UMG Cleaning services coming every other Friday, dedicate some time on a Friday that we are not providing you with commercial cleaning, and do a few things around the area. This, once again, will prevent clutter and messes from building up and becoming a daunting task that will seem beyond saving.


Much like working out or getting some tasks for the office knocked out, music can serve as motivation for cleaning up your place as well. Plug in some headphones or turn up the speakers and let the music take over. No matter what your music preferences may be, it can serve as a welcome distraction and make cleaning more enjoyable than if you were to clean in dead silence.

Reward Yourself

Like a child getting a piece of dessert after completing their homework, treating yourself to a reward after a productive day of cleaning can keep you going throughout the process. Whether you reward yourself with a nice glass of wine or a meal at your favorite spot downtown after a job well done, the idea of a little treat will keep you motivated. Make sure not to reward yourself before the task is complete though because then you’ll have to deal with the guilt and still be living in a messy home.

UMG Cleaning

At UMG Cleaning we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the most thorough commercial cleaning services across the nation. We offer non-toxic, green cleaning services to help you keep your office, school, construction site, or other space clean. While we promise to give you the best services on the market, you must use some of these tips to find the motivation you need to clean up! Contact us today to request our commercial cleaning services!