At UMG Cleaning, we take a great deal of pride in providing unbeatable commercial floor cleaning services throughout the nation. With our commitment to environmental stewardship and professional service, you can have confidence in the quality and effectiveness of our commercial floor cleanings. Our floor services include, but are not limited to:

Floor Stripping and Waxing

If you have any experience with the floor stripping and waxing process, you understand just how tedious and cumbersome it can be. It takes time and expertise to successfully strip and wax an old floor, and our team of commercial floor cleaning experts at UMG have what it takes.

  • Stripping — To begin the process, we will apply commercial-grade cleaner across the surface to be cleaned. After letting it soak in to break down any dirt, grime, or debris, we use professional floor stripping machines to scrub floors and strip away any previously applied wax.
  • Neutralizing — Following the scrub, we use a wet vacuum to remove the cleaner before applying a neutralizer on the floor’s original surface. We complete another vacuum and mopping job, completely dry the surface with commercial air movers, and dry dust mop the floor to prepare it for the final waxing.
  • Waxing — Now it’s time for the finale. Once the original wax and any accompanying dirt has been stripped away and the surface is neutralized, dry, and clean, we apply multiple layers of new floor waxing to finish the project.

The final result? An astonishing, sparkling-clean floor that restores your flooring to its original beauty.


We will scrub your floors with only the most-trusted cleaning products, ensuring your floors are squeaky clean and free of dirt, mud, dust, and other build up. We work hard to get your floor looking brand new, improving the overall cleanliness of your business.


In an effort to make your floors sparkle and shine, our team will buff your floors with the best cleaning products on the market. Working quickly and efficiently, we will shine up your floors in a timely manner, giving you more time to focus on other matters at hand.

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Are you ready to restore your floors without paying exorbitant costs to replace them? Our commercial floor cleaning services could be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for. From professional floor stripping and waxing to scrubbing, buffing, and more, our team is so excited to help you rediscover the beauty of your flooring.

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